Gloving: From Rave To Real Dancing

Gloving has come a long way. It’s humble beginnings in the rave scene followed by the ban made many think this style of dance would die out, but the people who loved gloving decided that they wouldn’t allow that. Today, gloving has its own thriving community. Competitions are held and it’s no longer just limited to EDM and rave music. More and more people are starting to see gloving as a sport and a talent.

The gloves themselves are an integral part of any gloving routine. They have to be comfortable, safe and of a high quality. The different styles of EmazingLights gloves are sure to satisfy every gloving lover’s tastes. Once you find the perfect set of gloves, you’re ready to start gloving.

The great thing about gloving is that anybody can do it. Many people who’ve never considered themselves to be great dancers are amazing at gloving. It’s the perfect way to express yourself with your hands. Gloving originated as something spontaneous. You never knew what the DJ would play next and being able to adjust your gloving based on the song was considered being talented at gloving. Now, you get many different forms of gloving and you get many different types of EmazingLights gloves.

Some people are hopeless with freestyle gloving, but are amazing when they practice and perform a routine. Other people are the exact opposite and only deliver a good performance if they are doing it from passion and spontaneity. Gloving can be performed for a big audience or for a single person. There are no creative limits when it comes to gloving.

different styles of EmazingLights gloves

If you’re looking for a way to stay fit, be creative and explore a new subculture, gloving is the perfect sport for you. Since it’s still relatively underground you will learn a new style of dance that will be great to show off to your family and friends.