What is Scentbird for Men?

Scentbird is one of the newest monthly subscription services that allows you to try products at discounted rates. Although available only for women at one time, ReviewingThis is now available, giving men the chance to try designer fragrances at a discounted rate.

How does it Work?

scentbird for men

Men subscribe to Scentbird choose one cologne per month, and wait for it to arrive in the mailbox a few days later. The price is low, and shipping is always free. Additionally, many coupon codes and promotions are available that add to the fun. Thee offers help you get something for nothing or discounted rates on the fragrances that you like the most. Choose your favorite, and the deal is yours.

Scentbird is easy to cancel at any time. You simply need to log into your account and click a button to cancel. If you change your mind, you can always come back later and continue enjoying the Scentbird fun. With more than 450 colognes and brands and new selections being added regularly you will never tire of the fun offered at Scentbird!

Fun for All

Once you get in on the Scentbird fun you will want to gift the fragrances to your favorite people. This is easy to do with gift subscriptions and boxes available. You can gift these Scentbird’s to your friends, family, and more. A woman’s Scentbird is available, so you can gift this item to both men and women in your life.

When you want to be a man of class and style, having a designer fragrance enhances your look and appeal for every occasion. It is time that you get in on the fun and find out what it is all about. It is cheap, fun and exciting and